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Google – Did you ever wonder what they know about you?


google spy silkwebDid you ever wonder what Google knows about you?

We trundle around every day without a care in the world, for such matters. Not worrying about web security, not understanding identity theft. We have become completely reliant and addicted to our phones and Google. In some cases, if you saw your child falling outside you would pick your phone up and THEN go outside to attend to your child.

Yet we are complacent and have no understanding that the technology we interact with on an hourly basis is tracking and recording our every move. Your phone knows where you live, what time you get up, where you work if use Facebook at work, where you drink and what time you leave the pub. (Search Pubs in your town & check out popular times for each pub interesting or Funny?)

So you want to see the information they hold on you?
Go to
You can Browse your search history by selecting “last month” or “last year”.

Google wants you to remember those special times so they keep a log using GPS of where you’ve been. Now this can be helpful, you could drop your phone at 1200 ft. from a microlight then you will find it, but the screen will be cracked. Go to to see all the places you’ve been and what roads you’ve taken.

If you go to ‘Activity controls’ at the bottom of the page, Google may be able to let you know your age, your gender, and your interests.

Next week we will show you how to find your or someone else’s wife on Tinder.

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