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A new ransomware called Bad Rabbit


cybersecurity Ransomware attacksA new ransomware called Bad Rabbit has hit a number of high profile targets in Russia and Eastern Europe.
The Americans said they have received multiple reports of ransomware infections, known as Bad Rabbit, in many countries around the world. A suspected variant of Petya, Bad Rabbit is ransomware, malicious software that infects a computer and restricts user access to the infected machine until a ransom is paid to unlock it.

The Brits have said We have not received any reports that the UK has been affected by this latest malware attack. We are monitoring the situation and working with our partners to better understand the threat.

The Irish Government said it’s just like Chicken but a bit gamey.

Silkweb says Using unpatched and unsupported software will increase the risk of proliferation of cybersecurity threats, such as ransomware. Visiting Web sites without Secure Certs is Dangerous.

Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and Turkey have all been infected by Bad Rabbit. three media organisations in Russia, Odessa International Airport, and the Kiev Metro all victims.
The Bad Rabbit spreads by driving the user to a Flash Driver Update on hacked websites. Bad Rabbit has a sneaky trick It can spread across networks it contains a Server Message Block (SMB), this component which allows it to move across an infected network and propagate without user interaction.
So as we said last week the unprotected staff Phone or laptop walks into your office and it Game Over

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