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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

We make sure your website appears high in the search engines for the relevant keywords. Grow your business with our SEO packages.

PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click ads. We can manage advertising campaigns with Google, Facebook and others so your advert will be seen by the right demographic. Contact us to increase your sales, NOW!

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media is critical in today’s business climate. Your business needs to be on it. So whether it’s creating Facebook pages, managing creative ad campaigns or creating scheduled content and posts, that is no problem for us.

All about SEO and our SEO services

SEO, Keywords and Google

As an SEO Agency that provides excellent SEO services, we fully understand the internet and how important it is to businesses. The internet has become a large marketing arena for companies worldwide. The ever-increasing number of businesses now using the internet as a means of showcasing their products and services. This trend is directly attributed to the increased use of the internet as the tool of choice for searchers to find products and services they are looking for. Increasingly, the internet search engines are becoming an important place for businesses to focus their market strategies. The focus now on marketing a company website is its visibility to search engines. as an SEO Agency comes into play with our excellent SEO services.

With competition increasing on a daily basis for the top position within a search engine, means that an effective strategy such as Search Engine Optimisation needs to be used to bring a site up the ranks so they can be found by searchers.
The objective of SEO is to increase web traffic to a site by making the site visible within search engines. To make a site visible to searchers can be done two ways, one by paid placements; this is paying the search engines a fee to fast track your site up the ranks. The downside to this is that it is expensive, also if your site was not being found before using paid placement, as soon as you stop paying you will fall back to where you were. The second way is to be ranked by what is known as ‘organic listing’, if a site is structured in a client way that a search engine deems the content to be of importance to the searcher, then the site will naturally be placed in a higher ranking by the search engine, meaning the site will rank on its own merits. Organic listing is the objective of SEO, naturally ranking high and being found by searchers that will give you a return on investment.

Keywords are at the foundation of site optimisation, as these words or phrases are used to target your business, but it’s not just as simply picking a few words or phrases and hoping of the best. There is both an art and a science in optimising a site; the reason for this is that the site has to be engineered in such a way as to be in tune with the search and indexing criteria set out the search engines algorithms and this can change at various intervals, so constant monitoring of a site is necessary to ensure the site is in tune with the search engine criteria.

Keywords are important but all other factors need to be considered for an SEO campaign to succeed. Search engines play a big part in all this and in particular ‘Google’ and it’s not just because it has become so big but because Google now feeds its results to a number of other search engines, this means if you are found in Google you will be found in related search engines also.

What is the objective of Google in all this? Their main focus is to ensure quality search results. So it is the sites that they deem to have good relevant content that will rank higher in a search listing. Optimising a site to ethical standards, known as ‘white hat SEO’ is important, there have been a lot of sites that have been optimised using unethical methods such as spamming search engines with keywords, while these methods have worked in the past search engines like Google will blacklist sites found to be using these methods, which are termed ‘black hat SEO’.

SEO Services Process

We are an SEO agency or SEO company and we provide many SEO services. As well as CPM and PPC ads (paid ads on Facebook and Google AdWords) we offer our Search Engine Optimisation service. Here is how it works.

Website Analysis / SEO Audit

We analyse your website if you have an existing one, we look at various different elements that help SEO on your websites such as keyword density, meta tags, alt tags and more.

Keyword Research

We do keyword research to see which keywords are relevant to your business, which keywords to target, and which keywords to reject.

Competitor Analysis

We then do competitor analysis. This involves looking at your closest competitors and using our techniques to outrank them in the search engines.

Site Re-engineering & Compliance

Your website is fully compliant with all the standard practices like security, sitemap creation, changing content for keyword optimisation, W3C markup etc.

Search Engine Inclusion

All care is taken to make sure your site is included in the search engines results for chosen keywords.

Linking to Social Networks

You should have your brand on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Linking and integrating these into your website will benefit your business dramatically. Creating your social profile is key in today's marketplace.

Social Bookmark Linking

Social bookmarked sites are considered quality sites and that will benefit your website and search engine rankings greatly.

Link Development

The art of back-linking. Creating links to other similar high-quality websites linking to yours which is one of the most important stages of our SEO services.

SERP Reporting / SEO Monthly Report

We generate a monthly report for you on all progress, analytics, site visitors, social media analytics and more. We make sure you are in the know of what is going on.

Website SEO & Maintenance Packages

*indicated packages are subject to a 12-month contract

Basic SEO
50 per month
Onsite Search Engine Optimisation
Security Updates
Website Plugin & Theme Updates
Site Backups
SEO Audit Report Monthly
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