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What Does Social media hold for The Future of Politics and will the public engage?


Political or Propaganda?
What Does Social media hold for The Future of Politics and will the public engage?
It is unquestionably the most powerful messaging service, offering politicians new ways to target votes if controlled properly and responsibly the targeting of personalised messages will pluck at the user heartstrings and securing the personal vote.
In 2006 Facebook launched Newsfeeds on user profiles tens of millions threatened to delete their accounts on the pretext the Account was there personal page and they didn’t want to see News or adverts. But like a spoilt child, they got over it just as fast. In a matter of months, the new design was excepted by users and, ultimately, took off with advertisers.
Fast forward 11 years and the now familiar, blue-bordered scroll of news articles and advert which you relate to, is all you know. Personalised Adverts now reach over 2 billion people worldwide and provides Facebook with more than $30 billion in annual advertising revenue.
So how does social media affect Politics and Political viewpoints? well, it is precisely that reason people believe “The Facebook” after all its there Facebook page no one else’s. they express private views, share what’s important to them, follow people they want to hear from.
News breaks quicker on Facebook than the main News outlets.
However, where there’s Good There’s Evil. About this time last year, I wrote about cyberwars and made a few predictions. I wasn’t too far off the mark. BUT what I failed to visualise, was the 2017 most used term “FAKE NEWS” (you can see his face now), News Feeds are more controversial than ever, but it’s the “fake” which makes the news & by the time they work it out the damage is done. Leaving the real message ‘FUBAR’ed’ & the campaign under fire from then on viewpoints are aired which creates a social media echo chamber, spreading misinformation.
This can be a political weapon capable of knocking a campaign clean off the rails and the possibilities of some Social Media users rethinking their position or may simply not turn out to vote and if the Candidate can’t act fast and definitively, it could be Game Over.
How to protect against this? Well, thats another story!!

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