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What We Do

Everything We Do Is To Ensure You Can Do More. Do It Faster & Do It More Efficiently

What we do

website design
web design
web development company
web developer
web design company

We do everything. We are a Web Design Company or Web Development company. We deal with web design, hosting, e-commerce, 2d/3d animation and domain names. Check out some of what we do below and if you have a query don’t be afraid to contact us.


Website Design & Development is what we primarily do. Our website design is tailored to your needs and that stands out from others. With over 17 years of experience, we can make your vision a reality and in most cases WOW you. We make sure your site is mobile-friendly and will display correctly on all devices. Think Mobile First. Irelands best web development company with the best web developers.


Silkweb Group provides a range of hosting packages. All our hosting is on a managed dedicated server. C-Panel is the main interfaced used on all hosting.
You will find Silkweb Group offer greater service packages for the best price.


A .ie domain name is Ireland’s national internet Identify. By having a .ie Guarantees to the web visitor that you have a connection with Ireland and also an authenticated claim to the specific domain name you choose.


This is the backbone of your Online Business. It’s the art of moving your website up the search engine. Also being found by your customer and introducing yourself to new customers. Good SEO starts with quality content and choice of keywords. But that’s only the Start. It’s akin to running your business, the things you hate doing but have to.


We produce a website with a retail portal where you showcase your goods and sell products Online. Thereby allowing international or national sales. But remember your customer may use your website for research purposes first and then make the first purchase in store.


We produce 2D & 3D animations for showcasing Products & Services. It’s much easier for your customer to watch a video than reading long passages of text. This form of advertisement is the new medium. Do you want to explain in a short animation how your business works? No Problem! Use it for anything you desire. A website, Facebook or Youtube.


Secure certs aka SSL are no longer an optional extra for websites. it’s essential. The question isn’t do I need to get a Secure Cert. It will be how long your website & email will be visible on the internet without one.


VoIP phone service offers so much more to businesses and individuals that a regular landline just can’t. Mobile and Desktop VoIP Apps are available that can turn just about any device into a call-making machine.


Grow your business by accepting card payments. Turn your smartphone or tablet into a card terminal. SumUp is a mobile point of sale solution for businesses. It is suitable for businesses, entrepreneurs and sole traders as well as nonprofits such as clubs, societies and schools.