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Wife Killer runs Indian Outsourcing Department


Wife Killed runs OutsourcingBritish Airways’ chief executive Alex Cruz told the world’s press that the outage was due to a power surge and that the surge was so strong that it also knocked out the back-up systems. However, All the power companies have stated they had no issue.
The Staff have said from the outset it was because of Outsourcing to India. Which has now been backed by the GMB union who said the disaster could have been avoided if “hundreds” of IT jobs had not been outsourced to India last year.
Why do I make comment on this News because I have been going on about this practice for years. Irish companies are doing the same Three Mobile outsource there Support & Billing to India.

  • Where is the Data protection?
  • How are you giving your Credit Card No. to?

I produced this article on 04/01/2011 16:24

Indian Prisoners run Outsourcing

Charlapally Central Jail in India will be the first prison in history to use convicts to handle outsourcing. That’s right, outsourcing confidential information. This unit will employ over 200 of the well-educated convicts in this project. The prison is one of the best in India as it features many facilities available to the convicts.
The project was set up between the prison and IT Company, Radiant Info Systems. This prison was chosen by Radiant Info Systems as over 40% of the prison’s inhabitants had an education. The outsourcing unit is said to be working 24 hours a day with 3 shifts of over 70 Inmate Employees. Working in the outsourcing unit is also more financially rewarding for the prisoners and they are said to receive 150 ruppies a day compared to the other convicts that are only paid 15 ruppies a day for making steel furniture and looming.
The project is being run by M Nageshwar, who was a software engineer before he was sentenced to life in prison after killing his wife. In fact, a large proportion of the task group were sent to prison in relation to murder. Another distinct character on the team is 53 year old, Ratna Babu, who was sentenced to six years in prison after he was found guilty of misappropriation of his bank’s money. Now, these men are being given the opportunity to handle people’s personal data and credit card details.
Radiant Info Systems say that if this project is successful, they can expand the project on to other prisons in the region. The project is too said to begin at the end of January after its employees pass the appropriate assessment. Many of the convicts believe that this line of work will make it easier to find employment after they return to the rest of the world. Maybe. The fact that convicted Thieves and Murders are been placed in positions of trust, in my opinion, is a Grave decision, but it seems that the company wants to have a Stab at making it work.

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