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Zoom bombing


I think its true to say in the normal course of our work life we are slow to adapt our working practice. However when an issue like we are currently experiencing comes along we Jump at new technology without thinking twice.

As part of managing the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, governments and organisations worldwide have instructed everyone to work from home. But this presents new cybersecurity challenges that must be managed. So as most of us adapt our work life’s due to the coronavirus we look for ways to circumvent lockdowns which has moved peoples work and personal lives online,

One such technology which has emerged is the use of ZOOM, the video-conferencing platforms use has over a 2-week period in Ireland, sky rocked.

Worldwide In the last month, there a 535% rise in traffic to the download page, according to stats

Everyone is using it Governments, Politicians, News Reporters, all the people we “ listen to “, use it for getting the message out, as they too work from home.

One News story which is not making the News YET is, about the security concerns people in the Know have about this Platform.

If it does make the news The News readers will use the term ‘Zoom bombing’ there has been an increased cases of video hijacking, and the Buzz word will be  “Zoom-bombing”, How it works ?  “hackers infiltrate video meetings”, meetings can be accessed by a short number-based URL, which can easily be generated and guessed by hackers.

There is No end-to-end encryption

Zoom also advertises itself as using end-to-end encryption, which secures communication so users involved can view and hear the call , end-to-end encryption was not currently possible on the platform

Yesterday Thursday, the company announced it would freeze all new feature development and shift all engineering resources on to security and safety issues that have been called to attention in recent weeks.


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